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    Blank Music Grade Cassette Tape - Now with even better quality of sound reproduction, with improved frequency range and signal to noise ratio. These tapes are record ready and can be used to record immediately. These tapes are good for master recordings or high speed copies. Short tapes can be used for do it yourself singles.

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    Aug 06,  · There’s also something about the tape revival that recalls the radicalism of the s cassette culture: Tapes were cheap, and people used them to copy and share music .

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    Jan 16,  · Twenty-five years after the existence of Nixon's secret White House tape recordings became known, Kutler sued for and won their release. The excerpts provided in this excellent production are a fine example of oral history at its most dramatic (see also Michael Beschloss's Taking Charge: The Johnson White House Tapes, Audio Reviews LJ 2/1/98).Reviews:

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    With your receiver still set to your tape deck, flip your cassette and play it from the beginning. Note the lack of a record light (shown above). You should hear your music coming from the tape! You can play your cassette in a hi-fi setup with a tape deck, or listen to it .

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    Dec 09,  · You guys are going to freak out, but there's a second revival happening alongside the Vinyl Revival: The Cassette Tape Revival.I know, I know. It's crazy. Cassettes aren't convenient and they don't sound very good. Yet, for about a year now, they've been popping up everywhere I look and their presence is increasing. At shows, online, in stores: Cassettes. Bands are releasing cassettes as.

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    Jun 27,  · Directed by Zack Taylor, Georg Petzold, Seth Smoot. With Damien Jurado, Ian MacKaye, Thurston Moore, Lou Ottens. Cassette inventor Lou Ottens digs through his past to figure out why the audiotape won't die. Rock veterans like Henry Rollins, Thurston Moore, and Ian MacKaye join a legion of young bands releasing music on tape to push Lou along on his journey to remember/10().

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    Jul 31,  · Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. Sheryl Crow has rerecorded her B-side “Woman in the White House” ahead of the election.. The .

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    Jul 09,  · A short sample of a tape hiss present during cassette tape playback. Good to relax or meditate to Extracted from Now That’s What I Call Music 45 compilation, played using Dolby B .

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