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    Eocene (adj.) in reference to the second epoch of the Tertiary Period, , from eo-"earliest" + Latinized form of Greek kainos"new" (see -cene). Coined in English (along with Mioceneand Pliocene) by the Rev. William Whewell, English polymath, and meant as "the dawn of the recent." As a noun from

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    The Eocene was an epoch in Earth's history. During that point in time, the birds had become the top predators on Earth since the absence of the dinosaurs. The mammals, though small during the early Eocene, eventually rose above the birds and diversified.

  3. Vudozil Reply

    noting or pertaining to an epoch of the Tertiary Period, occurring from 55 to 40 million years ago and characterized by the advent of the modern mammalian orders.

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    Definition of Eocene: of, relating to, or being an epoch of the Tertiary between the Paleocene and the Oligocene or the corresponding series of rocks .

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    The Oligocene is preceded by the Eocene Epoch and is followed by the Miocene Epoch. The Oligocene is the third and final epoch of the Paleogene Period. The Oligocene is often considered an important time of transition, a link between the archaic world of the tropical Eocene and the more modern ecosystems of the Miocene.

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    Apr 08,  · The name Eocene means the "dawn of recent life" Originally the Eocene was the first epoch of the Cenozoic, but then the Paleocene was erected as an earlier epoch.

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    Eocene definition: of, denoting, or formed in the second epoch of the Tertiary period, which lasted for | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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    Lasting nearly 22 million years, the Eocene is the longest epoch of the Cenozoic. During this time, the first ancestors and close relatives of modern mammal species appeared. Many of these modern mammal groups appear at the beginning of the Eocene, a period of dramatic global warming called the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum.

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