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    What's the rule on watching TV in bed? Sleep specialist Michael Breus, PhD, has answers that may surprise you.

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    Jun 12,  · The study confirmed previous findings and thinking on the likelihood of weight gain from sleeping with the TV on, though the study authors say that more research is needed. They also pointed to.

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    Jun 11,  · Use a timer for your TV. If you must go to sleep with a late night TV host, then consider setting a timer so that the TV automatically shuts off .

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    Feb 06,  · Falling asleep with the TV on may ward off the bogeyman, but research suggests that, over time, too much light at night could interfere with healthy sleep, possibly increasing your risk .

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    Aug 01,  · Directed by David Weaver. With Elisabeth Röhm, Antonio Cupo, Adam Beauchesne, Veena Sood. A seemingly perfect romance that turns violent and sends the woman in the relationship into hiding, while also working with police to bring her former flame to justice/10(37).

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    The increasing use of screens, including televisions, computers, tablets, and smartphones is especially problematic for sleep. That’s because electronics emit a particular type of blue light that is capable of triggering the brain to stop making melatonin. Even if your eyelids start to droop while you watch TV, you’re not immune.

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    Sep 18,  · Therefore, by sleeping with the television on, you might be preventing yourself from ever reaching a deep level of sleep. As you sleep, the light receptors in your eyes will still be able to pick.

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    A TV in your child’s bedroom has a negative effect on sleep quality. Give him or her a relaxing book to read before bed instead of the remote. Originally published in Author: Heather Hatfield.

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    In fact, sleeping with the TV on will mess up with your sleep pattern majorly. The blue light that television sets and most other electronic devices produce messes up with your circadian rhythm which is in charge of sleep and also interferes with the production of melatonin which is a vital sleep-inducing compound.

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