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  1. Yozshuhn Reply

    Jun 30,  · my first year i was raising a hog, i had a couple of friends raising their projects at my house. one of my friends had a pig that wouldn't eat which was causing her to not gain weight. so what you need to do is either try to feed your pig a different feed or try putting eggs or molasses on the pigs feed. you could also try giving it vitamin b shots weekly and a small .

  2. Vosida Reply

    The NCSU recipe for homemade sow milk replacer consists of 1 quart of cow's milk, 1 pint of half-and-half, a raw egg and 4 cubic centimeters of the antibiotic neomycin. Nursing Takes Commitment Baby piglets nurse roughly 15 times in their first 24 hours of life, according to the Oregon State University Extension Service website.

  3. Yozshura Reply

    Mar 10,  · Pigs milk is incredibly nutritious, and it has all the qualifiers — if you break down the content — to make a fantastic cheese. I’m percent confident it would make an incredible cheese. MF: And you won’t rest until you prove it? EL: That’s my mission. I mean, goats don’t like to be milked either.

  4. Faugar Reply

    As you can see from the picture, the pigs really do love their mixture of goats milk and their regular unmedicated corn/soybean ration. In fact, I wish .

  5. Necage Reply

    My understanding is that you can give them as much as they will drink. I once had an old timer tell me that you could raise a pig on nothing but milk. Seems like a wasteful use of good milk to me, but I got the point. My advice is to try and find a better utilization of the milk. At the least, skim the cream and make butter for yourself.

  6. Kesida Reply

    Given that humans consume every other part of the pig with slobbering glee, it’s a wonder why the thought of drinking pig’s milk is gag-inducing. Taste-wise, it’s not as though it’s especially rancid. As one pig farmer told New York food critic Robert Sietsema, “It’s more watery Pig milk is really gamy. You know how goat’s milk is?

  7. Akinotaur Reply

    Buy as many of these as you can and give them to your pigs. Also, if you have a dairy cow or dairy goats that give you plenty of milk, you could use this to feed your pigs too! Pigs also love whey. If you live near a cheese factory, they sell this cheaply or give it away. It is an awesome source of pig feed. Corn is a cheaper food for your pigs.

  8. Tygogar Reply

    Pigs are dirty filthy animals who shit where they eat, I wouldn't drink milk smelling of pig shit. that is absolute nonsense. If you've ever seen a pigsty you'll know that a pig is actually quite scrupulous about where they defecate.

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